Epidemiological Characteristics, Safety And Efficacy Of Medical Cannabis In The Elderly

A prospective study that analyzed the use of cannabis treatment in the elderly, measuring for pain intensity, quality of life, and adverse effects at six months follow-up. The most common indications for cannabis treatment were pain (66.6%) and cancer (60.8%). The study found that the therapeutic use of cannabis is safe and efficacious in the elderly population.


  • Reported pain significantly reduced from a median of 8/10 to 4/10
  • Prior to treatment, 66.8% of patients reported high pain-intensity; at six months, this number decreased to only 7.6% of patients
  • 93.7% of patients reported that the cannabis treatment improved their condition
  • 35.1% of patients reported a decrease in the number of drugs taken or the dosage
  • 18.1% of patients stopped using opioid analgesics or reduced their dose
  • The most common reported side effects were dizziness (9.7%) and dry mouth (7.1%) 


Alaska, Erez, Avidekel, and other CBD-rich Tikun Olam strains (Raphael, Metatron, Michael)

2736 patients aged 65+; at 6 months, 901 patients were eligible for follow-up and completed the survey

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