Or Vape Cartridge

Cannabinoid Profile: 22% – 26% THC; >1% CBD

Terpenes: 22% – 26% THC; >1% CBD

About: Or, meaning light in Hebrew, is the most potent of the Tikun strains but is still considered functional by its users. The experience is often described as a euphoric body high.

Used For: Great for high-tolerance users looking for a relaxing high without fear of being “couch-locked”. Like many classic Indicas, Or is also known to stimulate the appetite.

HELPS WITH Recreation

KEY INGREDIENTS Multi-strain co2 extraction, same strain - same batch terpenes, whole plant flavor, no fillers, diluents, or thickeners

Tikun vape cartridges are made from refining CO2 cannabinoid extract and combining the oil with terpenes derived directly from Tikun strains. That's it. A clean, simple extraction process helps preserve the original terpene profile and therapeutic benefits of Tikun genetics.