Eran Almog Soft Chews

This product is available exclusively at VidaCann Florida. Incredibly delicious cannabis-infused Soft Chews never tasted so good! When it comes to flavor and relief, don’t settle for just any edible. Available exclusively at VidaCann Florida, our soft chews are the FIRST strain-specific edibles in Florida, the Midnight Soft Chews are 100% vegan and contain full-spectrum THC Distillate and strain-specific terpenes, which ensures you get the full benefits of the cannabis plant.

Cannabinoid Profile: 18% – 22% THC; <1% CBD

Terpenes: Beta-myrcene, Alpha-pinene, Beta-caryophyllene

About: Eran Almog, or EA for short, gets its name from one of Tikun’s original patients in Israel. EA is known as the most sedative of the Tikun strains.

Used For: Patients most often choose EA for its relaxing and sedative effects – feeling a soothing mind and body high for drifting peacefully to sleep.

HELPS WITH Discomfort

KEY INGREDIENTS Just like your favorite gummy snacks, our soft chews have a Pectin base which helps maintain integrity while in the Florida heat. Each soft chew contains 10mg of THC and has a duration of 4 – 12 hours.