Why use medical cannabis vs conventional treatments?

Medical cannabis has proven to be an effective treatment for a number of health conditions and shows tremendous promise as more research is conducted. Oftentimes, it produces the desired health outcomes without side effects, making medical cannabis a life-changing choice for many patients.

If you’re suffering from digestive issues, an autoimmune disease, chronic pain, seizures, inflammation, anxiety, PTSD, or HIV/AIDS, or some other debilitating condition, you’ve likely undergone a number of conventional treatments with mixed results. Medical cannabis is an alternative treatment worth looking into. That’s not to say you should stop your current treatment altogether, but rather initiate a conversation with your doctor and explore your options.

Here are a few reasons why you may want to look into using medical cannabis:

Medical cannabis can help manage symptoms as well as the side effects of conventional treatments. HIV/AIDS is a prime example of this. For example, you may have a lack of appetite or be in significant pain; you might be depressed or anxious; and your anti-retroviral meds may be making you severely nauseous. Medical cannabis can provide relief for all of the above. The same is true of cancer and chemotherapy.

Medical cannabis has been found to be an effective treatment for a number of conditions. This includes Crohn’s disease (a randomized, placebo-controlled clinical study resulted in complete remission for 50 percent of participants), autism (another study showed 75 percent improvement in ASD comorbidities symptoms), and Parkinson’s disease (76.9 percent improvement on general condition and mood). Read about the studies here.
Medical cannabis can play a role in palliative care. Cancer patients often experience sleep problems, weakness, lack of appetite, and nausea, all of which negatively impact their quality of life. Medical cannabis has been found to be safe, effective, and well-tolerated among cancer patients, helping them to better cope with their symptoms.

Some traditional treatments are undesirable. The opioid epidemic has many in the medical community re-thinking the current approach to treating pain with opioids. Opioids are highly addictive and deadly. According to Thetruth.com, while deaths from heart disease and cancer have decreased substantially over the last decade, the death rate from opioid pain medication has increased.
If medical cannabis appeals to you as an alternative or secondary treatment, it’s important to talk to your doctor and to understand that different cannabis strains are used to treat different conditions. Tikun Olam is a pioneer in the medical cannabis industry and employs some of the world’s leading cannabis researchers to produce safe, effective medical cannabis products. Use Tikun Olam California’s online tool to select the right medical cannabis product for your condition.