Why recreational cannabis isn’t effective for treating medical conditions

Now that recreational cannabis is legal in California, up to certain limits, you may be tempted to head to the local dispensary in search of relief from your medical conditions. Unfortunately, your results will vary. Chances are, you’ll get high, but you might not get the relief you’re seeking. Though they come from the same plant family, recreational cannabis and medical cannabis are not the same.

How is Recreational Cannabis Different from Medicinal Cannabis?

Cannabis plants contain dozens of compounds known as cannabinoids, with the two mains ones being THC and CBD. Both THC and CBD have therapeutic effects. However, THC is the chemical responsible for the psychoactive effects of marijuana. It’s what gets you high, and it’s what recreational cannabis tends to be rich in. On the other hand, CBD does not produce mind-altering effects; it does not get you high. Medical cannabis products often have a mix of THC and CBD as well as CBD-rich formulas.

Cannabis Strain Development
The cannabis industry produces various strains of cannabis, with plants bred with varying chemical compositions. For producers developing strains intended for recreational use, the focus is on THC for obvious reasons — recreational users are seeking euphoric results. They want to get high.

For producers developing strains intended for medical use, the focus is completely different. It’s not about getting high at all but rather treating medical conditions and promoting wellness with the naturally occurring beneficial chemical components found in cannabis plants.

Tikun Olam, for example, has developed six proprietary cannabis strains which can be used as part of a health and wellness regimen. Their chemical compositions range from high THC/low CBD to low THC/high CBD to a product with virtually no THC whatsoever. Depending on the condition you want to treat, one medical cannabis product may be better suited than another.

Let’s say you suffer from insomnia and have heard that cannabis can help with that. A recreational product won’t necessarily help, nor would some of the more invigorating blends offered by Tikun Olam. A better choice would be one of Tikun Olam’s cannabis strains that promotes sleep and has been developed for nighttime use.

Bud tenders at recreational cannabis dispensaries aren’t necessarily knowledgeable about the medicinal use of their products. That’s not their focus or intention. If you’re looking for relief and want to choose an effective product to bring it, start your search at Tikun Olam, a pioneer and innovator in the medical cannabis industry.