Top Tikun Olam medical products for 2019

With the new year comes new opportunities, but in the medical marijuana industry it also means new ways to consume cannabis. Whether you’re new to the medical cannabis playing field or are an expert consumer, there’s more than one product or cannabis consumption method with Tikun Olam.

Check out these top cannabis products for 2019—and elevate your cannabis consumption experience.


If you’re looking for convenience in your cannabis intake, then here it is. The Tikun Cannabis Vape Cartridge guarantees ease-of-use when it comes to cannabis consumption. This vaporizer consists of high-purity distillate; meaning, cannabinoids that have been distilled and extracted to their purest molecular form. Additionally, it comes with a full strain flavor and terpene profile and .5 ml and 1 ml cartridges. Say goodbye to the conventional cannabis consumption methods, and make your life that much easier with the Tikun Vaporizer.


Looking for a more conventional method to consume cannabis? With the Tikun Olam Flower coming in six heirloom strains, you’re bound to get the most out of your experience. Whether smoked or vaporized, these expertly cultivated and cured strains offer the ultimate solution for the novice cannabis consumer. Designed to elevate overall quality of life, the Flower strains consist of an eighth and gram of flower, come in packs of 1-gram pre-rolls, and are genetically optimized to provide maximal symptom relief for health and wellness.

Tikun Olam’s Flower Stains offer the ultimate solution for those who seek to combat most forms of chronic pain.


If there’s ever been a discreet medical cannabis consumption method, the Tikun Tincture is it. Recognized as liquid cannabis extracts that are alcohol or glycerin-based, tinctures are one of the oldest methods of cannabis consumption and can be applied to a number of different meals and drinks. From adding a touch of Avidekel tincture to your morning coffee to a drop of Alaska in your lunch meal—this high-potency, Co2-extracted tincture offers the ultimate solution for those who are looking to ditch smoking altogether. Coming in strain-specific terpenes, these 1oz tinctures are packaged in bottles of 500mg and are typically consumed with droppers.


Interested in a medical cannabis product that doesn’t involve smoking or discreet consumption mechanisms? The Tikun Topical Cream offers precisely that. Whether you’re experiencing muscle soreness, headaches, or a number of other similar conditions, treat those localized pains with a cream that does the trick within minutes. This 2-ounce cream consists of all-natural, non-intoxicating ingredients and is terpene and vitamin-enriched.