The best cannabis strains for daytime use

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Medical cannabis is a broad term for a variety of cannabis products bred to produce specific beneficial traits. Thousands of strains of cannabis exist. Some are stimulating and good for daytime use while others produce a sedative effect and are better suited for nighttime use. Understanding the chemical composition of medical cannabis products and the effects they will produce is important so that you don’t inadvertently consume a product intended for a different purpose or time of day.

Fortunately, leading medical cannabis producers such as Tikun Olam include this information in their product details. Generally speaking, cannabis products for daytime use are typically derived from sativa which has a higher amount of THC. FCannabis products intended for nighttime use are often derived from indica which tends to have a more calming and sedative effect.

So which are the best cannabis strains for daytime use? It’s not just about picking a sativa-based product as many strains contain a mix of sativa and indica as well as have varying THC and CBD ratios. These formulas produce different effects. You’ll also want to home in on a daytime product that’s suitable for your specific condition.

Using Tikun Olam, a global leader in the medical cannabis industry, as an example, its best cannabis strains for daytime use include:

Tikun Olam Alaska: Sativa — High THC; recommended for daytime use.

Tikun Olam Avidekel: Indica — High CBD (minimal THC); day or nighttime use.

Tikun Olam Midnight: Sativa — 1:1 THC:CBD; recommended for daytime use.

To learn more about which conditions these daytime cannabis strains are best for, visit our strain information page.