Uplifting, Calming, Euphoric 



Midnight is a sativa dominant hybrid that balances a near 1:1 ratio of 8-12% THC to 9-14% CBD. This sativa dominant hybrid comes on delicately with an uplifting sensation that’s calming and euphoric, often described as a gentle high.



At a near 1:1 ratio, midnight contains 8-12% THC to 9-14% CBD. Moderate levels of cannabinoids produce minimal side effects while still providing all the benefits of THC & CBD, offering clear-headed, functional pain relief. 


The most active terpenes in this strain are Beta-Myrcene and Limonene, which give the flowers an earthy, citrusy taste. Both these terpenes assist in reducing inflammation and combine to form a mellow, anxiety-free product. The combination of THC and CBD also work together to treat both short-term and chronic pain. Those seeking a balanced experience any time of the day or night will be truly satisfied with this strain

Ideal for

Whether new or experienced, day or night, Midnight has something appealing for everyone. This is a balanced strain that helps maintain focus and equalize your mood. Due to the combination of THC and CBD, users often report using Midnight for managing general anxiety, which can manifest in the form of headaches/migraines. 


In a study looking at the efficacy of medical cannabis in patients with cancer, Midnight, alongside several other proprietary strains from Tikun Olam, was found to be a well-tolerated, safe, and effective palliative treatment. From a large population of nearly 3,000 patients observed between 2015-2017, 95.9% reported an improvement in their condition as a result of treatment. Among the symptoms, most improved were nausea, vomiting, sleep disorder, restlessness, anxiety, depression, pruritus, and headaches. Midnight is an especially good option for the elderly population new to cannabis who want to enjoy these analgesic benefits without experiencing the overpowering effects of THC.


The full study, titled “Prospective Analysis Of Safety And Efficacy Of Medical Cannabis In Large Unselected Population Of Patients With Cancer” can be found here.



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Best Infused Product (2019)

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Best Topical (2019)

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Top Hybrid Flower (2017)

Top Hybrid Strain (2014, 2016)

Top High CBD Strain (2014)