Getting down to the basics with cannabis terminology

With medical cannabis gaining recognition as one of the most ongoing hot topics in the field, it’s important to understand the broader scope of what the term even means. Whether you’ve just started exploring medical cannabis treatment options or are well familiar with industry jargon, there’s never been a better time to review cannabis terminology. What better term to start off with than medical cannabis itself?

Check out the list of keywords compiled below to expand your knowledge about cannabis terminology.


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So, what exactly ismedical cannabis, otherwise known as medical marijuana? It refers to the use of the cannabis plant and its elements for medicinal purposes to alleviate symptoms for people undergoing chronic pain or those who are the subjects of a wide range of medical conditions. Tikun Olam’s medical cannabis products are produced in a controlled environment taking into consideration factors like temperature, moisture, and light to ensure the effectiveness and consistency of the final products. Take a look at the top Tikun Olam medical cannabis strains and explore their long-termbenefits on health and wellness.