Frequent Questions

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    What is an “extract” or “concentrate”?

    A — A cannabis extract or concentrate is a purified, stronger form of the cannabinoids found in cannabis plant material. Extracts are created by removing the cannabinoids from the plant material through mechanical or chemical means. Concentrates typically refer to certain types of extracts that are meant to be consumed directly through vaporization (such as in a vapor cartridge or a “dab” rig), and include distillate, resin, and rosin products. Needless to say, extracts and concentrates come with a very wide range of properties and effects depending on how they were made and how they are packaged and used. 

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    How do I know cannabis products are safe?

    A — Unlike black market cannabis products, legal cannabis is subjected to rigorous testing requirements in each state that it is sold in. The products are tested for cannabinoid potency to ensure accurate dosing, but also must pass safety testing to ensure that possible contaminants are not present in the product in quantities that could be harmful to users. These include heavy metals, residual solvents, pesticides, microbial contaminants, and mycotoxins.