Info for Nurses

The appropriate dose for each patient is best determined by a qualified registered nurse in accordance with the patient’s other medication, overall condition, weight, energy levels, symptoms and their severity, consumption options, and strain combinations.

·         Recommendations on strains, intake methods, and dosage are based on long-term clinical experience that the company has accrued that is based on the treatment of about 8,000 patients and on a data collection framework, laboratory research, and clinical research conducted on the various products.

Tikun Olam has a dedicated nursing department with professional registered nurses that have received training on treating patients with medical cannabis.

Tikun Olam’s nurses provide individual patient care sessions to assist patients in choosing the appropriate cannabis variety and dose that is appropriate for them. The sessions are conducted at Tikun Olam’s Nurse Clinic in central Tel Aviv or at the patient’s home. In addition to answering any questions and helping patients choose a variety, the nurses also guide the patient in consuming cannabis for the first time so that the patient feels comfortable with the treatment.

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