About Us

Tikun Olam, meaning “Repair the World” in Hebrew, is the world’s first organization licensed to produce medical cannabis. Over the past 15 years, we’ve worked to cultivate heirloom cannabis strains providing symptomatic relief to over 30,000 patients.

Our Mission

Tikun Olam fulfills its mission to “Repair the World” by delivering quality cannabis products shown to be efficacious in treating a variety of ailments and improving well-being.

Origin Story

Tikun Olam became the world’s first organization licensed by a national government to treat patients with medical cannabis. Since 2007, Tikun Olam has curated and produced specific cannabis-based therapies, evaluated individual patient conditions, recorded treatment outcomes, conducted with leading Israeli medical institutions safety and efficacy trials on the medicines derived from its unique strains, and published and presented over twenty peer-reviewed white papers. Extending Tikun Olam’s mission to the United States, its American affiliate leverages this extensive track record of learning and practical experience, offering consistently high-quality products targeting symptomatic relief.


Our patients speak for themselves, Dr. Jenna - UCLA discusses her experience with Crohn's and the benefit she's found since being introduced to Tikun's medical cannabis strain, Erez.
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